What Is Mickeyrdle?

Wordle is a phenomenon in the community of puzzle game lovers. The word-guessing game attracts players due to its simple gameplay, interesting challenges, and excellent compatibility with every device.

Therefore, there haven’t been hundreds of Wordle variants on the Internet. And Mickeyrdle is such a game. If you have been a Wordle player for a long time, you may realize the relevancy of the “rdle” ending of the name.

The Mickeyrdle game also requires players to guess a five-letter English word like Wordle. However, the difference lies in the source of solutions.

While Wordle uses the whole English dictionary as the key source for the game, Mickeyrdle only utilizes the words related to entertainment products of Walt Disney, like comic books, cartoons, or movies.

Where To Play The Mickeyrdle Game?

Mickeyrdle is available on Internet browsers of every device. Since the game hasn’t been published as a smartphone app, you must use an Internet-connected device to enjoy the game. You can search for the game’s name on the search tool and search for the result at the top.

Rules Of Mickeyrdle

The rules of Mickeyrdle are nothing different from Wordle’s rules. You must figure out the secret word of the day within six guesses. You will lose the game when using up the guesses before spotting the solution word. On the contrary, you will win the game once you can find the word with no more than six tries.

Moreover, once you finish the game or complete all the guesses, you must wait until the next day to have another Mickyerdle round. You can’t play Mickeyrdle limitlessly.

Yet, you can replay the in-day round unlimitedly by using the Incognito mode of browsers. You can guess thousands of times by doing this until you run out of ideas.

How To Play Mickeyrdle?

Mickeyrdle resembles the Wordle’s gameplay, so it is straightforward to get used to playing the Disney-themed game. You can arrange your guess by tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen if you use a screen-touch device.

Or else, you can form a word by using the physical keyboard. After forming the potential guess, you must press “Enter” to submit your answer.

Mickeyrdle won’t let you find the answer alone. The game gives you hints via the color signs like in Wordle but with a slightly different scheme:

  • The orange color is the indication of a nearly perfect selection. The orange letter is included in the solution word, but you must alter its position in your next guess.
  • The gray color shows that the letter is totally irrelevant to the answer. You must avoid picking the gray letter one more time.
  • The green color is a sign of a perfect choice. Green letters must stay in the position that makes them green. A row full of green letters means that you win the game.
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